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About us 

Never call a telco again 


We are not a Telco

We believe that doing business with telcos should be a simple, friendly and enjoyable process. For most companies, it’s not. Hyphen is a customer service organisation that takes the pain and frustration out of dealing with telcos for businesses just like yours.


What does Hyphen do?

Telcos don’t give mid-tier corporates the same level of service that large companies receive, that’s where we step in. Hyphen deals with the telcos for you, dealing directly with telco management who can get your problems fixed quickly and deliver the best solutions for businesses between 20 and 400 staff.

Think of us like your telecommunications concierge. We are a layer of service and support that sits between large telecommunications providers and our clients, while helping Australia’s best carriers deliver exceptional service and support to high-touch corporate customers.


Telco Concierge

Our concierge team are your one-stop telecommunications centre. We handle everything for you, from choosing and ordering the right services through to managing faults, analysing your bills and designing the smartest possible solutions for your business.

Simply call or email your concierge team member, explain what you need and we’ll take care of the rest. No more waiting in queues, being passed between departments and tearing your hair out trying to find someone who is prepared to take responsibility for your enquiry. Your concierge is responsible for everything, every time.



We believe that the happiest customers are those who truly understand what they are buying, why they are buying it and what to expect once they have purchased. We have developed our processes to ensure you fully understand everything you need to know up-front so that you can make informed purchasing decisions that work best for your business.

Our commitment to customer education doesn’t stop there. We also ensure you know what to expect not only during the delivery process and once your service has been delivered, we’ll make sure you know what to expect in the event of a fault or upgrade being required.



Our management team are industry veterans. They have worked in executive roles for Australian and international telcos for over 25 years, including senior roles at Telstra, Optus and overseas.

We have close executive-level relationships with all the major Australian carriers, which means we can get your issues solved faster and without the hassle you’ll find with other carriers.


Next Steps

The first step toward getting a better deal is making sure you know what you already have. Contact our concierge team for a Telco Health Check and find out if we can help your business.



Call us on 1300 497 436 or
click below for a Telco Health Check



Hyphen Business Mobile

For businesses with less than 20 mobiles


We work closely with Australia’s best mobile networks to provide businesses with a reliable service at an affordable price. Our dedicated concierge team makes sure each staff member gets the mobile and accompanying plan they need to get the job done, saving you time and money.


Charlotte’s Dilemma

Charlotte runs a successful commercial real estate agency in Sydney, which requires many of her staff to be out on the road. But business is slowing as an unreliable mobile network and mounting phone bills bite into her staff’s productivity. Calls drop out and staff often can’t be reached, leaving prospective clients frustrated and looking elsewhere for their business.

The plans Charlotte’s staff are currently on ‘feel’ expensive, yet she can’t find the time to really make sure she’s getting the best bang for her buck. When she does find the time to ring up, she spends hours on the phone, pushed between departments, with no one available or willing to help solve her problem. She needs a service that will work first time, and someone ready to answer her calls quickly when she needs support.

The Hyphen Difference

Hyphen’s high level telco relationships allow us to deliver you with the service and support you deserve. For Charlotte, Hyphen will help analyse each phone bill to determine where the current service meets her staff’s needs and where they can be changed to more appropriate services, saving money.

We are a dating service for medium businesses and telcos, finding the right service and right network for each of our clients, no matter where they are.

After Sales Care

Never call a telco again; we will service your needs for the life of the contract, saving you time and frustration. This means no more hours on the phone to overseas call centres, just a quick email, SMS or chat to our concierge team. We’ll take care of the rest.

Simple. Friendly. Predictable.

Call us on 1300 497 436 or click
below for a Telco Health Check


Hyphen Fleet Mobile

For businesses with 20 or more mobile handsets


Managing a large mobile fleet can be a complex, time consuming process. Staggered, ad-hoc contracts make it difficult to see whose contract is up for renewal or what hoops need jumping to get someone a new handset. Business Fleet plans are a simple solution that allow you to negotiate one umbrella contract every 24 to 36 months. You can add and remove staff at any time during the contract without penalty. You are also provided with a tech fund, allowing you to keep your fleet up to date with the latest iPhone, Android or Blackberry handsets without waiting for the contract to expire.


Tim’s Dilemma

Tim is the chief financial officer at a Melbourne-based law firm that manages major technology and telecommunications clients. But with at least 100 active mobiles in the company’s fleet, and potentially dozens more going unused each month, he may as well be in the dark ages when it comes to managing the monthly bill.
Worse yet, others are beginning to catch on. Each department, responsible for their monthly costs, have started circumventing company policies in a bid to take control of their own spiralling mobile bills. The senior partners are checking balances, wondering why Tim can’t get the cost over-runs under control. Never mind that staff are stuck with dinosaurs for handsets – hardly a good look for a team representing technology companies.


The Hyphen Difference

Tim shouldn’t need to spend so much time working out how to lower the cost of the monthly phone bill. That’s where we come in. Hyphen gives Tim and medium-sized businesses a single point of control over company spending, calls and data use for large mobile fleets. Through our simple and friendly service, Tim can remove redundant services once used by former employees without penalty, and negotiate one over-arching contract that he doesn’t have to look at for another two years.
As a bonus, the tech fund built into our Fleet Mobile service gives Tim’s firm the flexibility to upgrade all employee phones in one swoop, or in batches as required. Tim will look great in front of both the senior partners and staff.


After Sales Care

Hyphen will manage your ongoing mobile contract for you – never call a telco again. Simply let us know of any changes required throughout – whether it be adding or removing staff, upgrading handsets or even changing carriers – and we’ll take care of the rest.


Call us on 1300 497 436 or click
below for a Telco Health Check


Hyphen Business Voice

Fixed Price Landline for Corporates 


Traditional landline products charge based on the amount of time you spend on the phone, leading to hurried conversations that leave customers feeling like a number, and businesses missing out on greater potential from clients.
Hyphen Business Voice is a fixed-price landline solution that dramatically reduces the cost of making calls for your business, giving you the freedom to go the extra mile for your customers without the uncertainty of timed calling.


Sam’s dilemma

Sam manages operations and technology at a fast growing startup on the Gold Coast. They’ve added nearly 50 new staff in the last three months and are not set to slow down anytime soon. Managing the escalating phone requirements is getting out of hand as Sam comes to grips with adding dozens of new phone lines every month, managing support and fretting about how to deal with his carrier as costs mount.


The Hyphen Difference

It’s Simple…
Our service is a fixed price. We bundle three times more calls than the average Australian business makes per month. And it’s easy to install; Business Voice is a simple drop-in replacement to your existing landline solution. Hyphen customers often save between 40 and 60% on their current landline bills.
We provide friendly after-sales support, with a concierge team acting as your single point of contact for all your telecommunication needs.
And Predictable…
MultiLine is a reliable and mature digital telephone service delivered by Australia’s top two telecommunications networks, making it easy to install and maintain.

Call us on 1300 497 436 or click    
below for a Telco Health Check    


Hyphen SMB Voice & Data

Landline Voice & Internet for Small Business


When we say we’ll take care of all your telecommunications needs, we mean it. So if you run your business from home, need to service a remote office, or you’re looking for a solution for your senior management’s homes, we can help you get a broadband and phone bundle to let you get on with your day.
Using Optus’ renowned broadband network, we offer plans starting at 120 gigabytes a month for medium internet users, up to 500 gigabytes for heavy users. And you’ll get one bill covering your internet, phone calls and line rental.


Belinda’s Dilemma

Belinda runs a chain of boutique cupcake shops, but running the growing company from her home office has become a pain. The mix of business and personal use leads to confusing phone bills, leaving Belinda paying more than what she should for what she needs.


The Hyphen Difference

We’ll cover the lot – the telephone, mobile and broadband requirements Belinda needs at each franchise along with the connection she needs at home to run the show. With our free bill analysis, we can tell Belinda what is required, what can be cut, and what can be changed to make sure her telecommunications plans aren’t a financial sinkhole.


After Sales Care

Hyphen will become the one point of contact for your telecommunications needs, meaning you don’t need to search through a mountain of paper to find the right bill or person to contact. Just call up and speak to our concierge team. Simply, friendly, predictable.


Call us on 1300 497 436 or click
below for a Telco Health Check

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